Androgynous it is a matter of genetics, no more any less. Do you have the look? If you have this look, it happens to be one of the most sought after of all modeling appearances within the fashion industry. And an added plus for models as many professional photographers desire this look.

    Tall and thin is still in. So if you have all combinations of the necessary characteristics, androgynous, tall and thin, odds are you have already been scouted for a modeling position if you are within the right age criteria.

    And then sometime throughout your professional career, there will be a time when you encounter half-life. That point when you have reached your most flourishing potential within the industry just prior to a declining status from the limelight.

    If you have ever desired to know more about modeling, maybe just maybe some of the answers can be provided.

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One man’s dilemma is another man’s demise

    Used to be such a thing as an artist’s circle that allowed artists and models to work together, socializing and collaborating on thoughts or ideas. It was a time when exposure meant, you had to actually go out and participate with popular or upcoming visual artists in order to potentially get promoted for gigs in the world of modeling or fine arts. It was the day of who you knew and using these connections as a step up to the next level. The days of Andy Warhol will never be again and have slowly faded away.

    Meet the chat room, a modern day equivalent of impersonal socializing using a key board and no real identities; replacing a former need of physical interaction with visual artists and models at social gathering. One or two selfies published on the internet, a couple of comments later and you are a model on your way to stardom because someone said you should be one? You can just forget about all the common necessities like modeling school, a portfolio, hundreds of hours of practice and pose routines; really. So what chat room scout or professional, from which agency, told you to be a model? Oh it was my boyfriend the pizza delivery guy, he told me I should be a model.

    I have worked with and photographed many models, excellent models, some of which sought agency management to move their careers forward to no avail. Imagine being the model told by several agencies in Seattle over a two to three year period; ‘you are just too pretty to be represented here by us. You are just not the right look, we already have enough of your look, et cetera’. Could you imagine how you would feel being told this? It is a fact jack that the agencies are full up with their needs and will scout you only if they have a demand for your look.

    Do you even know what the current look is? Do you have it? Oh I have the same style and looks that just came out in all the magazines. Did you know that was the look from a year ago? Do you know what the current look is? Probably not; not unless you are in an advertising network which sets the next public influencing trend for its viewers or readers. But I look like all the other models, even at the agencies. Exactly.

Now is the first moment of your future

    Film photography is becoming as the dinosaur became, extinct, in a faceoff with technological evolution. On the edge of this extinction are the dwindling numbers of the remaining film photographers who will not supply enough revenue for the once massive corporations to maintain product lines of numerous sizes of negative film. Slowly but surely these companies are closing departments along with their types of film as well as associated products being discontinued.

    While new frontiers are opening as the digital evolution continues to move forward. A new form of photographic industry will replace the old archaic methods of film photography. It cannot be changed, it is inevitable.

    A little retrospect of sorts. First you needed a great scanner to digitize prints and even negatives to a computer so you could Photoshop the image. Then you needed a high quality printer and ink to print the digitized image; eliminating the need for a dark room and this process. Then along came the digital camera, soon after the internet. And the beginning to the end of processing labs.

    Now you can direct feed camera photographs into a computer and see the results instantly during a shoot and save all raw photos so you can pick the best and print them. You can also create and print your own negatives from this digital process. Another ouch for film photography, a complete elimination of need.

    So this brings forward a few assumptions for the future. Selfies using digital might become a mastered preference by models as a form of self-promotion eliminating the middle man; the photographer. And of course the financial needs and burdens of paying said photographer. But the selfies will have to become better, with modifications made to digital systems allowing use of digital countdowns. Could you imagine a PC capturing live feed from a camera on a timer so a model could view a monitor to better position themselves for the shot. I can; it would be the latest addition to the model bag.

    And who really needs models anyways, as there are millions of pics available for use in art on the internet already. If one really desired to make their own prints all they have to do is find a pic, save it, adjust it as pleased, and print it. Or just make it into a negative for darkroom enlargement or any other form of contact printing. And you say well that is stealing! Oh did I fail to mention you can buy almost any image you desire on auction sites, many including rights. The numbers of negatives available from photographers is amazing and growing as the digital age expands.

    So models, as well as photographers should be aware of these facts. The art of creating the perfect shot of light and exposure to film is becoming short lived. Digital cameras do it all automatically for you and print rather nicely without much programming skills. With the up surge of pics on the internet and constant additions daily, you could create more wall art than you will ever need without the expense of models. You could select a more accurate image for what you had in mind. The internet is like going to a huge gallery and looking for the most suitable selection for a wall, but the selections are far greater.

    And for the models who ignored work when it was available, just know you could be replaced by a far cheaper internet pic or the up and coming younger model of the future.

And then the glamour

    Photography as a whole is a visual art form with many different styles and categories. It is not at all surprising when you take a style such as glamour photography, in a constantly evolving state, and you get a slight controversy of what it really is or should be. So what is this type of photography called glamour? Is it a quality of fascination, allure, attraction enhanced with a combination of charm and good looks?

    Glamour’s roots are suggested as the earliest pin up photography coming out of the 40’s. However, even pin up photography has its own roots which led up to its style and popularity. Pin up’s roots could even be suggested as the first picture carried of a friend, fiancée or even spouse to gain popularity from how handsome or beautiful the person was in the photograph, with all elements of the photography emphasizing this person as the subject. It was not known as a pin up, maybe just a wallet, locket, shirt pocket or even tintype photograph.

    In early pin up photography you begin to find more emphasis on creating glamour with the subject. It was no more than making the subject more handsome or to have more of an alluring beauty or charm in the photograph with a certain amount of sex appeal suggested. Garments of the current fashion were used to heighten this glamorized desirability of the subject being photographed.

    For the most part glamour has been and always will be about creating the most appealing handsome or beautiful subject that is being photographed and is not about the latest fashions, designs or props being used in the photograph. Glamour involves the human subject, the model.

    This quest of creating the most suggestive thought provoking, visually artistic images is best summed up by the following statement I made in the mid-nineties. My thoughts are that art must communicate something; whether an idea, thought, experience, etc...

    And as far as glamour goes must it have some sexual innuendo at a minimum? Glamour is a quality of fascination, allure, attraction enhanced with a combination of charm and good looks. Are you are selling the clothing being worn or are you selling the model with no regard to the garments? One is Vogue, the other is Playboy and each can be glamour.

The reality of it all

    There are many things to consider when it comes to looking for the right model; just as it is when the model looks for a photographer, to match their own desires. It is a two way street and not a one way.

    How would one judge whether or not a person is professional; by their attitude, by experience, how long in the business or by whether or not they have a brick and mortar store front? What would be a good criteria? Who shall decide?


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