Androgynous it is a matter of genetics, no more any less. Do you have the look? If you have this look, it happens to be one of the most sought after of all modeling appearances within the fashion industry.

Tall and thin is still in. So if you have all combinations of necessary characteristics, androgynous, tall and thin, odds are you have already been scouted for a modeling position.

And throughout your professional career there will be a time when you encounter half-life. The point when you have reached your most flourishing potential within the industry just prior to a declining status.

If you have ever desired to know how to become a fashion model, Manikins will provide some of the answers.

Welcome to Manikins

As stated Manikins will provide some insight into the fashion world as a whole, however this site is about Manikins, Manikins future projects and the standards that will apply to Manikins. This is Manikins resource centre for high fashion models, designers, stylists in relationship to Manikins, but this information also is pertinent for professionals within the industry.

If you are truly interested in the fashion industry as a profession or as a professional links for ebooks on the subject have been added, so you may further groove yourself in for a great career. These links by Barnes and Noble are designed to include handheld devices.

In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry

01/24/2012 BMI BMR calculator interfaced with Facebook

Manikins custom designed BMI (Body Mass Index) BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator for female high fashion models is now published on the main site. 01/23/2012

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Do you have "the look"? Latest addition to Manikins - The Look. Enjoy. Sorry for the delay. 01/19/2012

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And of course easily translated into your favorite language with google translate.

From the fashion capitols, fashion trends, fashion shows, couture, including Haute Couture Manikins will delve; including release of certain proprietary information in regards to Manikins standards predating its brick and mortar operation. Today you will create me.